Providing Support for Our 


Active Duty Personnel

Military Reservist

Our veterans face many challenges when returning to civilian life. Those challenges can multiply when a veteran decides to return to school or decides to join the military reserves. As a student veteran or reservist the challenges of the academic life or monthly transformation into an active duty personnel then an immediate reintegration into civilian life may be taxing on the human mind and emotions. Symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, difficulty focusing, and mood swings may appear making it difficult on the academic life and/or families.  At the same time student-veterans or reservist may struggle with a sense of loss for the camaraderie, brother/sister-hood and unique relational bonds that are a key part of many people’s military experience. 

The programs that Warriors Beyond War are specifically designed to address these concerns as well as the issues common to all university & college students and reservists. The Founder of WBW at one point of his military career was a reservist himself personally understanding the challenges that may face our service members. We can bring our recreational therapy programs like the Soldiers Who Salsa & more, Warriors at Peace Yoga or The Invictus Warrior directly to the school, reserve center or military installation. You can also join us in one of our ongoing programs. 

Veterans & Veteran Organizations or Groups 

In addition to being found at V.A. Hospitals and centers, we have also taught our programs at veteran service organizations, VFW's, American Legion's and in several other veteran communities throughout the nation. 

Our organization has worked closely with many veteran nonprofit groups to help them reach their goals, as its my belief that we are "One team, in one fight" serving our veteran brothers and sisters.   

Our specialized instructors have the unique skillset, knowledge and awareness to work therapeutically with our veterans with various healthcare needs and from all generations and branches. They are trained to recognize various forms of visible and invisible wounds and eager to be a part of the healing process. 

Besides providing programs that help heal & strengthen the mind body and soul, we also provide a save environment where we bring veterans together to once again share the experience of brother and sisterhood. We want to help restore and maintain the sense of "tribe" which is often lost during the transition to civilian life. 

Contact us to find out where the nearest available program is at and or how we can bring our programs to your organization or groups. 

Reservist/Active Duty Military 

Many of our instructors are prior military service or a family member of one, we have also taught and currently may have some of our programs  on military installations and in active duty communities across the country. Therefore we understand the unique challenges that life in the military and on base may present. 

We can tailor fit our evidence-based programs to the unique requirements of a military base and the active duty community to not only help our wounded, ill or injured active duty service members and their families, but also serve as a preventative measure providing skills and tolls of readiness and resiliency of our service members and their families. 

Contact us if you would like more information on how your command may be able to integrate any one of our mind-body fitness training programs into our regiment. We will have one of our program placement specialist respond as soon as possible.