Soldiers Who Salsa & More Recreational Dance Therapy Program


                          our most requested dance class does not define our program, but it definitely sets the corner stone for it. The Executive Director for Soldiers Who Salsa (an organization no longer active) is the same founder and CEO of Warriors Beyond War. Leading an organization that utilized salsa dancing a tool to heal our wounded warriors (see video below), David Murcio quickly realized the potential for an organization to go beyond one form of dance style in order to reach more wounded in need. Therefore, Warriors Beyond War was created to incorporate various forms of dance in addition to salsa or Latin dance in it's recreational therapy program. The Soldiers Who Salsa & more program (not affiliated with the dissolved Soldiers Who Salsa organization) is a program that uses Salsa dancing as it's main form of Latin dance, but can & will include other forms of Latin dance such as Cha cha cha, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia and more.


The Meet Soldiers Who Salsa video is produced and provided courtesy of U-T TV San Diego