Hear it straight from the voices

of our veterans

There are many visible and invisible injuries, wounds and illnesses that plague our veterans. Many will hold back from seeking help until the very last moment, living life in pain. In addition to providing life altering recreational therapy programs, The Invictus Program seeks at educating our society about the illnesses and injuries that plague our wounded warriors of today. We seek to provide resources and direction so that our service members, their families and loved ones can seek additional assistance if needed.  

On the tabs below the title, there are several Make the Connection videos that through the voices of our veterans themselves, aim at helping us understand just a few of the challenges they have faced and for some who continue to face. The Invictus Program is here to ensure we address many of what is discussed in the videos head on and fight passionately to reinforce them through our recreational therapy programs and provide them with the tools necessary to get him/her back on their feet and on the road to recovery. 

Please take the time to watch at least one video.