Our wounded, ill & injured warriors

Our Philosophy

The Tools We Use

As the last Executive Director for the now dissolved Soldiers Who Salsa nonprofit organization, the CEO & founder of Warriors Beyond War, David Murcio quickly and easily understood that Salsa dance may not always be the recreational activity of choice for every wounded veteran or active duty military personnel. Some veterans may have an interest or desire to dance a much more formal dance such as ballroom, or soulful dance like the Chicago style steppin' dance or something more upbeat such as East or West Coast swing just to name a few. Therefore the creation of a more inclusive organization with several tools and dance styles to combat low moral, lack of self-confidence, physical stagnation as well as other physical injuries and illness was created. Warriors Beyond War addresses issues such as Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), challenges due to loss of limb(s), depression, anxiety and those who may have experienced a loss of a military brother or sister. We address these issues using a deliberate interjection of a therapeutic process and activities geared towards producing results.  

"Many if not most of our programs take place at a VA  Hospital, military or veteran installation surrounded by many professionals and veterans seeking similar assistance." 

Our Follow Through

Understanding that physical, mental and emotional fitness is a key component to assisting our wounded, Warriors Beyond War has created unique programs for the Alumni of our dance program to take part in. Programs such as boxing, hiking, photography, yoga, weightlifting and fitness will be created.  Although programs may vary by locations, they can be established based on need or desire. Once a warriors completes one of our dance programs, they are eligible to take part in any additional (non-dance) program created by Warriors Beyond War.


Our Purpose

Warriors Beyond War along with it's alumni and as an organization plans to take part in many community events and create its own such as 10k walks/runs, obstacle course races, ruck marches, networking events, galas, dance outings, fundraisers, annual picnics and family events. The purpose and goal is to ensure we are not just a dance program to take and forget. But a first step into reclaiming the sense of "tribe" and family that many of us feel we have lost after leaving active service. To bring about cohesion among people with similar unique experiences. To ensure we build a network of support four our wounded, our injured and our ill and ensure they never are forgotten.

What makes our instructors unique is that both our veteran and civilian instructors receiving some form of  training that is  evidenced-based, trauma-sensitive, and military culture informed while ensuring a clear understanding about the veterans we serve and the purpose of our program. Many of our programs are taught by veterans who can relate to our patients due to their service. Many of our civilian instructors have survived their own share of unique adversities and understand the pressures our veterans face. All of our instructors are professionals in their own right who bring to our program several years of experience and professionalism.  Some are world champion dancers others Olympic athletes and fitness experts who are eager to tend to the needs of our wounded veterans.