Hosting Fundraisers can help change lives

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Warriors Beyond War provides all it's services to our wounded veterans, active duty and first responder FREE of any monetary cost to them. When you host a Warriors Beyond War (WBW) fundraiser, you are helping change the lives of our wounded, injured and ill heroes in your community as well as beyond. 

Become an official Warriors Beyond War fundraising event by registering your event with one of our fundraising event specialist. Once your fundraiser is registered we can help you create your own personalized fundraising page, help promote your event through the WBW social media platforms as well as our website and receive access to  exclusive Warriors Beyond War materials, such as WBW logos and wordmarks, as well as assistance with customizing your event flyer and poster templates, a letter of support, press release template, social media graphics, and much more! We will work as a team and be allies towards a common goal.

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#1 Charity Auctions

A charity auction is the perfect fundraising event for small or large events. Everything from Celebrity Memorabilia, VIP Experiences, Vacation Packages to a vast selection of items and services donated by local businesses for the exclusive charity auction.

Charity auctions helps bring together philanthropists as well as collectors or  individuals who are interested in the specific items being auctioned. 

#4 Split the Pot

A 50/50 raffle (a.k.a. Split the pot) is an economical fundraiser. Saves on money invested as well as time. It doesn’t require any upfront costs. The winner of this raffle receives half of the funds raised, and your cause keeps the rest. The winner also has an opportunity to privately donate their winnings back to the cause or keep it. 

Not only is it inexpensive, but it's a fun suspenseful raffle with instant gratification. Donors will get a kick out of contributing and watching the prize money get higher and higher with every donation.

#2 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

A simple yet very effective way to raise funds. There are two main types of peer-to-peer campaigns: “rolling campaigns” and “time-based campaigns.”

Rolling, or year-round campaigns revolve around a specific life events. The event can be as simple as  a birthday, holiday, wedding, or athletic endeavor, or just because. Many use Facebook as a platform to launch this type of fundraising request among friends. 

As a Time-based campaign, the focus is within a specific timeframe, generally 6-8 weeks and usually fixed around a specific theme or activity, such as a holiday campaign or one that supports a certain program that may be in dire need of monetary support. 

#5 Dinner/Gala

Although galas may require a bit of planning and prospect research, there is the opportunity to gather co-workers, business partners, executives and much more for a cause that will raise a lot of funds for w worthy cause. It will create the opportunity to interact with key players in and out of your industry while sharing in a common endeavor. 

#3 Spare Change Drive

Spare Change Drives can raise money and awareness for WBW while not requiring a lot manpower or extra planning. Plus, there are so many variations of this fundraiser that you can try!

All you need to do is set a large container in a well-trafficked area and let people know why you’re fundraising. Supporters can give their spare change.

#6 Athletic Fundraiser

Athletic Fundraisers can be a fun and healthy way to get yourself and others involved. Organizing a run/walk race such as a 5k or 10k, a tournament such as a volleyball or a competitions such as dance competition are all fun ways to be involved, involve others and raise money for a great cause.

#7 Golf Event

A golf tournament can be formal or informal, making it a great option for many small or large organizations. It is an active event that gets your supporters out on a beautiful day, for a good cause.

With a golf tournament, you will have the opportunity for members of an organization or company to get to know each other and have a great networking opportunity. 

#8 Shoe Drive

Shoe drives for gently worn shoes are an amazing way to fundraise. The organization where the shoes are sent to, tend to redistribute the shoes to impoverished communities around the world while at the same time raising money for the Warriors Beyond War therapeutic programs. 


#9 Concert/Music Event

#10 Company Fundraiser

Fundraisers held by a company has a wide range of possibilities. Something as simple as raffling off a favorite parking spot, an extra vacation day, or casual day among others.


To increase amount raised, consider asking your company about a matching campaign. Corporations often reward employees who participate in walkathons, marathons, and other fundraisers. The company will match a portion or all the funds an employee raises for the event.