Fire For Effect Photography 

The WWB Fire For Effect Photography Therapy program allows our wounded warriors the ability to self express, to focus, relax and capture moments in time. Andy Warhol an iconic figure in the visual art movement once said "The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” Photography gives us a glimpse to the past helping us understand what our lives or a simple moment truly means or meant to us and why. It can help remind us who we once were and possibly who we want to be again. At the same time, as a photographer, you can create images from life itself holding time still with the snap of a picture. Photography can also be a method of communication when there are times that there are no words to describe how we feel or what we want to say. This is why The Invictus Program decided to include photography as one of its staple programs to provide to our veterans. To allow our veterans a method in which they can express themselves, vent, create, communicate and heal.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

— Aaron Siskind

The title of the program "Fire for effect” is a military term that artillery service members would use. It basically means that the ranging shots being fired are on target and the fire mission can commence in earnest. In our program we would like our photographers to feel that as soon as they begin to shoot photos, no matter what they take photos of, they are on target. There is no right or wrong, just self expression. Our program teaches the basics of photography to ensure the photographer understands the camera well as tool and  how to best get the desired shots. But we encourage the photographer to connect with each photo as it becomes part of him/her once they create it. 

Therapeutic benefits of photography

  1. Photography can be very social, helping to establish social bonds

  2. Photography is a wonderful stress reliever. 

  3. Photography creates motivation to get outside and connect with nature. 

  4. Provides a shift in perspective (you’re literally looking through a new/different lens, often seeing the world differently)

  5. You begin searching for and finding beauty in the world

  6. Photography inspires your imagination. 

  7. Photography acts as non-verbal communication, which can be huge when dealing with issues like depression or anxiety that are hindered by stigma

  8. Many people experience a “flow” state with photography, but often it simply helps you to focus externally — rather than getting caught up in the thoughts racing through your mind

  9. You gain control of how you frame the world

  10. Your photos can provide powerful self-expression and reflection

  11. Photographs often allow positive feedback from others, which can be huge when going through depression or dealing with anxiety

  12. Photography preserves new and old memories

  13. Photography can be a connection to your subconscious mind, helping you to discover powerful personal insights about the cause behind your depression. Often the answers we seek externally are found within us.



Benefits of Photography 

  1. Immortalizes moments in time

  2. Documents journey through life

  3. Can be a stress reliever

  4. Inspires imagination

  5. May lead to an unexpected new career

  6. Is a natural & safe self-esteem booster

  7. Brings you closer to  your natural self

  8. Let's you see things you may not otherwise

  9. Instantly preserves new & old memories

  10. Let's others see things from your perspective

Professional, commercial even standard smart phone cameras may be used. We first discuss all the intimate details about the camera settings on all devices in use, before setting out on short day trips to capture images in our surroundings. The focus of our program is on the photographer not on the camera. During the program we will interject therapeutic discussion and share the interpretation of images captured by each photographer. We encourage this program to remind our veterans that the key to creativity and creation does not lie solely on the tool or equipment used, but the individual themselves. 

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