Warriors Beyond War is a 501(c)(3) veteran lead & veteran focused nonprofit organization created to provide various forms of dance as recreational therapy programs to the many veterans and active duty men/women & first responder who may be battling with the visible or invisible injuries, scars and wounds left from combat or otherwise gained while in service to our country or after. In addition provide our programs free of charge to immediate family members of those heroes who were killed in the line of duty. We aim to enrich the lives of those service members, first responder & immediate family members who may have been exposed to and affected physically, emotionally or mentally by a traumatic event & the rigors of war.  

Our deep roots in Salsa dancing

Before establishing Warriors Beyond War, CEO David Murcio was the Executive Director for the nonprofit organization Soldiers Who Salsa (see video below with information about SWS) which used Salsa dancing as a form of recreational therapy  to help wounded veterans and active duty personnel. In addition to his 13 year military career with the U.S. Marine Corps to include combat tours in Iraq, David was also a Salsa instructor, performer and choreographer with almost 20 years of extensive dance experience. The unique merging of both careers and experiences helped him understand the immense benefits that come with providing recreational therapy to our

wounded warriors as a tool to first reconnect with our wounded, then our recreational therapy programs reinforce them with the tools that are necessary for their healing process to put them on the path of recovery. During his time with Soldiers Who Salsa, David helped expand the organization to the Midwest and opened the first ever program of its kind at the Jesse Brown V.A. hospital. He also personally attended and took part in many of the existing programs in the West Coast.  Below is a report published by ABC news in San Diego about Soldiers Who Salsa, the organization that David lead.

Video courtesy of ABC 10 News San Diego

Although as the Executive Director for the Soldier Who Salsa organization provided David with a leadership platform in which to help many veterans. He was extremely troubled with the 22 veteran (+1 Active duty personnel) PER DAY suicide rate that plagues our nation. There was a sense of urgency to reach more of our wounded, injured and ill veterans in need. He envisioned a greater opportunity to have a greater effect and reach by interjecting a more direct therapeutic process within our programs and become a more inclusive organization, providing various forms of recreational therapy in addition to Salsa dancing. 

In January 2018 when the recently appointed new board president for Soldiers Who Salsa announced it would almost immediately close its programs nationwide, David understood how detrimental this immediate change would be to some our veterans who were currently enrolled or aspiring to be enrolled in this salsa dance program. Many may not have enough time to search for another outlet. With the needs of our veterans in mind, David immediately founded a more inclusive Nonprofit organization called Warriors Beyond War which not only saved some of the existing Soldiers Who Salsa programs slated to close, but made the program more inclusive to other forms of dance and opened it's doors to various recreational therapy activities such as fitness and adventure therapy programs. Remnants of the dissolved Soldiers Who Salsa organization program would be found in the newly established Warriors Who Salsa program but would not be identical, as the new program would be geared for a more therapeutic approach & process while including other forms of Latin dances. Geographically Warriors Beyond War has begun to explore expansion of its programs to new cities across the country. Additionally the decision was made to extend all of our programs to our wounded, ill or injured first responder LEO's, Firemen and Paramedics who may experiencing similar difficulties as our wounded veterans due to their service to our local communities.

Because of generous individual, group and corporate donations, grants and fundraisers, as all recreational therapy programs are provided free of cost to our wounded veterans, active duty U.S. service members, as well as first responders such as injured or wounded Fireman, LEO's and paramedics.  If you would like to know how you can help, you can reach us at info@warriorsbeyondwar.org

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